Monday, April 24, 2006


Rationing of fuel is on its way. Don't panic, it does not relate to your household, but to mine.
I have been focussing on transport as you know and to make it more real and create some sort of pain factor ( no I am not a sadist) I am going to limit myself during the month of May on 1 tank of fuel for my car. It should do 400 miles which is 10 miles per day so I will need to plan, measure and work out what is a priority and base my choices on that. Sounds barbarian in a world where everything is available and on tap, but it will also be an exercise in saying ' no thank you' and reevaluating whether I want to use the car, whether is it a need and whether I can do without.

I am also learning to say 'no thank you' a bit more. Quite often saying yes is done automatically and then does not really fit in with the goals I aspire to. I am saying 'no' to too much TV, I am saying ' no' to going shopping etc etc. Practice makes perfect as they say.


I just love podcasts, listening to others as they travel their path to downshifting their life, so here's my selection for this week. where Matt and AJ plan to leave Leeds for Nova Scotia to live.
Geek Farm Life a combination of exactly that, some geek computer things, items about farm life and items about life including the crazy cuisine section which could broaden our minds about what we eat.
Last but not least is Caroline's podcast ' Rural Radio' which includes frugal tips, geek of the week, snippets of gossip over the garden fence' and a book review.

While potting on in the potting shed, it is reassuring to know that I am not the only one doing this in my little homestead. Not that I thought I was.

Best of all, these are generous people sharing their conversations for free, for the love of it and to inspire you if you need it that is.

I continue with my motto:
Dream your life and live your dream

It is possible, and sometimes you need to think outside the box so to speak.
Ok I am off to barter some eggs for spinach and to have a social chat with one of my neighbours, over the garden fence.

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