Monday, April 03, 2006


By way of an update, the second week is posted on the fridge door and everyone is having a look. The chores done this week were done, sometimes with a lot of moaning, other times with pride and responsibility. As parents we had to give some pointers as to where things live in the house and where for instance you would find the dishwashing tablet, what the dog eats, how you deal with the cat when she comes with you on the dogwalk, why shoes have to be polished and whether you can barter your chores or even share them with another person.
From our point of view, a lot of praising has gone on, a lot of encouragement and acknowledgment that we have some more free time. We also discuss bigger issues at the dinner table, such as plans for the garden, leisure activities and what each person's goals are. Which jobs do they like, which ones they hate and.....I am beginning to discover skills the children have but have not shared before with us. They have problem solving skills and are capable of looking at difficulties in creative ways that sometimes are interesting ways to solutions.
This week they are on holiday and have suggested additional jobs they would like to be considered for....I wonder whether that will last but I am optimistic about this new family model. There is a lot more listening going on at the dinner table, a lot more negotiating as to who wants the Tv when etc and how they can work together.
I would say thats quite a result in one week.....will it last and get better?

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