Friday, April 21, 2006


Thanks to Tracey at Donwshiftingweek ( which is from the 22nd to 28th April) there is a new tool available that should help us all work out how we can be greener, leaner and have more money in our pocket. Have a look at the downshifting planner. its a pdf file so easily accessible to most and I think it is a really good way to focus on one aspect at a time and reward yourself.

I have been looking at the way we use transport in our family. The amount we spend on fuel is still too high with an average of £ 125 spent on petrol alone.
What could be done I thought had already been tried but in line with the above I am going to work hard and focus on the following :
  • using the smallest car for journeys, the one that is most fule efficient
  • get the tyres to be at the right pressure and make sure that the oil gauge is OK
  • not rush and keep to speedlimits
  • reduce the use of airconditioning as that uses 11% more fuel
  • keep coupons for cheaper fuel in the car so it can be used when it it needed
  • Kids could walk to school instead of being driven
  • Shop locally or get shopping delivered
  • share lift with
  • organise activities when transport planned, i.e. avoid small journeys and build a list of things to be done when I am in one or other direction.

Saying that the most amount of fuel used is my Dh attending his social engagements and changing those might be a little bit more dificult. I suggested 2 out of 3 but got a smirk, so not all of us are keen on the green side of things.

I am patting myself on the back though as this week I have had 6 car free days. Thats a first.
I will keep a track on the mileage that gets done, what alternatives are available and let you know how I have done at the end of May.

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