Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Yesterday I ventured into the garden for the collection of nettle tops. I wore yellow gloves ( seems obvious but thought I would state it in case you get lost in the enthousiasm and forget that they are nettles and can sting you). I used scissors to cut the tops off and then made soup using 2 onions, 1 carrot, 4 sticks of celery, the nettles, some turkey stock I had in the freezer and voila, a green soup.
DH tried and quite liked it but my son who is a bit poorly still and saw me collecting the nettles was less keen. ( Maybe next time).
Cooking a meal from scratch is possible.
I also exchanged some spinach for 6 eggs and am looking forward to my egg benedictine ( poached egg on toast on a bed of creamy spinach).
DH is on the lookout for some raw fleece to enable me to continue experimenting with the spinning and dying I am doing. I find it very relaxing and at least it will mean we will have some socks and hats for next winter. The rooster is keeping us up a bit in the morning but apart from that, rural life seems to be suiting us.

The veg in the polytunnel are coming along. I tend to water in the morning now as that minimizes the slug population that come and feast at night. The french bean seedlings that I planted out are still finding the weather a bit cold. Potatoes in the tunnel are up and running and the ones in the raised bed outside are peeking through. Succession seems to be in hand then. I have lots of squash, pumpkin, cucumber, melon seedlings that are popping their way through so hopefully that means that the weather is warming up.

DH has on his list to build another raised bed specifically for the squashes so they can roam a bit, as well as working on some fencing for the chickens. They have been cooped up together and now that they are used to the routine I am keen to give them some more running space in the garden.

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