Thursday, April 20, 2006


Thank you for your comment. I phoned the agricultural college and they pointed me to a book by Richard Mabey called Food for Free which looks useful and I found it in the library.

I think it would be useful to know what herbs and grasses grow in the garden and around which are not cultivated by us but are there as nature has intended. Saves on planting and produces variety. My garden is organic and slightly away from the road so at least I do not have to worry about fumes and pollution on the plants.

Here are some uses for the dandelion......

Dandelion leaves can be served in sandwiches with a dash of Worcester sauce, or cooked with butter like spinach. Choose the youngest leaves, and strip them from the plant by hand. Remove the excess stalk and wash well. dress the roughly chopped leaves with olive oil, lemon juice and garlic.

Sounds feasible.

Another plant to add to my salad bowl, are sweet violet flowers which I know where to find.

So for lunch today I will go and forage and try and take a picture of the plate........


Seattle Simplicity said...

You might enjoy the book called "Drink the Rain" about a woman who forages for much of her food during the summers she spends in a beach cabin.

SockknittingMama said...

I could not find this book in the Amazon list, maybe you could be more specific, sounds interesting though.