Friday, January 15, 2010

Upgrading your bread options

Living in a shop it seems silly to be making bread on a regular basis but nevertheless its an enjoyable, beautiful, creative food item to make and it takes time.

We do have a variety of bread options available within the shop with various levels of nutrition:
sliced white bread ( mass produced, sliced and locally known as ' pappy bread'
bread baked by the local baker ( unsliced, white, brown, malted brown)
Part baked bread - baked on the premises ( rosemary and cranberry loaves, baguettes, malted brown rolls).
Bread flours to make your own bread : white, brown, mixed seeds, locally produced wholemeal flour.
Sourdough bread will be introduced shortly.

The art of making bread has been covered in a variety of posts previously on this blog and these are listed in the resources.
So why would you want to make your daily loaf given time, space and ingredients?

Baking bread is easy. When you bake your own bread you can guarantee exactly what goes into it and have a fresh, organic loaf at a snip of the price you would pay at any shop. What’s more, the smell of baking bread is irresistible.

Baking bread is immensely satisfying and involves a process of flour, yeast, water and sugar and turning them into a loaf of bread. The process itself can take up to 6 hours.

You could use a breadmaker as a step towards making your own which we used to for while but sadly, the amount of sugar and salt in the recipe are quite high due to the fact that the bread process needs to happen within a short space of time and baking space inside the bread making machine. It can however happen during the night so you wake up the lovely smell of freshly baked square loaves.

All options are described on the site to get you started. Baking bread by hand is enormously satisfying.

And if you do not want to knead any dough, try this method.

Resources from previous posts

the 5 min bread
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Stacey said...

I completely agree! I love making bread but due to working away from home, do not have the time anymore. Something I have done in the past is just using the bread machine to make the dough, letting it mix and rise in the machine. Then, I take it out to make loaves, rolls, or whatever we like, and bake them in the oven. Bread baking in the oven is such a wonderful and comforting smell. So satisfying.

dining room sets said...

Bread is something I want to learn to bake because once yo know it, you will never experience a hard time baking those other stuff.