Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ice map of Britain

This may not happen ever again, or maybe it will be a sign of things to come but the whole of the UK is covered in snow and ice. Pretty and brutal at the same time.

How does this fit in with global warming you may well ask but it is possible that in the future our climate will permanently change and resemble more the colder winter months of Scandinavia.

This is not a situation the country plans for as snow has been rare in our area, it usually happens once every 4 years or so, but last year's blast caught everyone unawares although it lasted about a week. This year we are seeing snowfall, icy conditions all around the country which makes travelling and transporting foods and goods rather more difficult.

If the economy is based on transport then it figures that it will be difficult for goods to reach their destination. Salt for gritting roads is being rationed around the country and as energy demands increase, it is likely that some rationing too will follow if the situation lasts longer. Schooling is disrupted, work is disrupted.

Birds are finding it hard to live in these unusual conditions and thus many people are going out to ensure that seeds, peanuts etc are made available. Deer that usually stay in the woods are venturing closer by in search of foods.

1981 was a very cold year too with snow for many weeks and the younger me went shopping in town swapping pram for a Davos sledge with my toddler daughter holding on to shopping. It was a rare sight.

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