Monday, January 11, 2010

Tiny growing spaces

Every little space counts

In a small garden you need to use all your available space efficiently. Using the plan created of your garden enables the creation of every feature and structure as growing opportunities for plants.

  • Walls and fences can support climbing plants and espalier trees ,shelter plants and absorb heat to help ripen fruit.
  • Balconies and patios can be used for growing plants in pots that need extra protection or different soil conditions.
  • Sheds can be used for holding plants that need extra protection, potting up plants, tool storage and drying of herbs and other produce.
  • The garden shed may be a base to add a greenhouse or chicken run.
  • Pergolas can be used to support climbers
  • Ponds can be used for ducks and productive water plants.
  • Terraces can be created on sloping sites supported by retaining walls.

Explore areas that can take window boxes, pot stands and shelves in greenhouses.

Patti's video shows how to build an easy vertical plant support system.

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