Saturday, January 09, 2010

Getting stuck in dirt

The amount of food you can grow in your garden will to some extent depend on the type of soil you have. The fertility of the soil can be improved and is the key to a healthy, thriving garden.

Some soil improvers :

  • Compost all the kitchen scraps and garden clippings, animal manures , ( not dog and cat),paper towels, tissues and inside of toilet rolls, then dig the compost into the soil.
  • Add seaweed from seaside foraging as well as other organic material that will break down the soil.
  • Collect leaves at the side of the road in autumn.
  • Check the amount of earthworms you have in your soil. Worms aerate the soil and turn organic material into compost. If low consider adding some to your compost bin to improve worm population.
  • Set up a worm farm and harvest their castings and worm juice to use as a soil conditioner
  • Use organic mulches on the soil surface to stop weeds competing with the productive plants and to reduce the need for watering.


what I put in the compostbin



composting worms

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