Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Canine cuisine

Having analysed the contents of the bins again recently it became apparent that we have definitely reduced the amounts of waste we produce as humans but our animals create an enormous amount of empty cans that need recycling each week.

Our labrador likes virtually any food so when Rhonda Jean shared her dogfood recipe on her blog Down to Earth, and I simultaneously was presented with a nice amount of beef mince that was near its best sell by date, I could not resist cooking the recipe.

There was a great joke when the children asked what was for dinner and stared into the stockpot at a mass of food that looked very similar to the tinned dogfood. I did have a helper in the kitchen who measured the cups of ingredients and stirred the pot.

The result has been sampled and approved of by the dog and we shall gradually introduce the food over the next few days. Even if we feed her one portion every other meal we will halve the amount of tins we currently recycle and take some interest in the ingredients we feed her.

The value of pets is personal but she guards the home very well, she used to be the first cleanup attempt when the children sat in highchairs and threw their food about and she keeps the cats from fighting. She also encourages exercise in all of us and we always get a friendly and interested greeting when we come in the home. When I was bed bound she was a constant companion and on many occasions acted as my hot water bottle. She also has been known to listen to all the children's complaints with very attentive ears without once talking back.

We cook for ourselves so why not provide home cooking for our dogs.


Astrid said...

Beste An,(in Dutch, because my English isn't too good)
ooit heb ik ook eens "dogfood" zelf gemaakt... Ik had afval van onze groenten (buitenste bladeren van sla, wortelschilletjes, worteltjes van prei, peterseliestengels, blaadjes van rode bietjes enz.) met zorg gewassen en gespaard en samen met stukken paardenhart in een grote casserol op het vuur gezet. Het soepje stond te pruttelen op het fornuis terwijl ik buiten nog wat aan het opruimen was. Groot was mijn verbazing toen mijn man ineens naast mij stond met een soepkom en een lepel: "Goeie chinese soep!" De rest heeft de hond opgegeten.

Anne said...

Hi Astrid,

That made me laugh but also confirmed the fact that when it smells good enough for humans it has to be great for dogs. Will continue to try and source this topic so would be great to have recipes if you have them.