Saturday, May 12, 2007

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Loaf of Bread
Loaf of Bread

As technology find ever more ingenious ways to adulterate our bread, so science is revealing the havoc this may be causing to public health. Recent research suggests that we urgently need to rethink the way we make bread, If you are dismayed at the covert curruption of our daily food, you may agree that bread matters too much to be left to the industrial bakers. More and more people are taking control over their loves and health by making their own bread'
from Bread Matters, the state of modern bread and a definitive guide to baking your own by Andrew Whitley. ( 2006)Link

If you knew that they added chalk to white flour to make it whiter and lighter, if you knew the salt content and sugar content in your daily might want to change that and make your own bread.

The first step is to make bread in a breadmaker and go find organic flours or at least your choice of flours to make your own loaf.
When you have the confidence to then make your own bread ( it takes but flour, water, yeast and a whole lot of time and waiting), you will never look back. Cuts down on packaging.

Search our artisan bakers and small village bakers if you can and support organic bread.
Or go on a breadmaking course with the man himself at breadmatters.

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Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard about the addition of chalk. Yucko.

I agree that breadmaking is one of the touchstones for sustainability because it is one of the basic foods. And setting aside the time to make it says a lot of good things about our priorities.

Regards, Gary