Monday, May 21, 2007

10 ways to live on one income

Country Blue by Deborah Chabrian
Country Blue

  1. Stop taking on borrowing, which necessitates a regular income to repay monthly. ( This does not apply to housing costs).
  2. Learn to cook from scratch - plan your meals with seasonal ingredients
  3. Sell a car - if one of you stays at home and you do not need the car for emergencies, you might be able to sell one car or cycle.
  4. Do not try and keep up with the neighbours in terms of material possessions, value your time and the freedom of how to spend it.Buy secondhand,;buy in thrifts stores
  5. Grow your own food, vegetables and fruit where possible, if not take on an allotment.
  6. Learn how to fix things....fixing may be cheaper than replacing
  7. Take a holiday at home together, plan picnics, walks and daytrips out in your local neighbourhood. Get to know your area.
  8. Make a packed lunch for the person who goes out to work, make it fun and exciting. You can add little comments about how much you appreciate that person to make their day.
  9. Set a budget and stick to it. Plan a budget for holidays and give each person a present within the limits you have set.
  10. Learn not to waste anything, reduce, re-use and recycle. Cut portions to healthy size, compost leftovers and vegetable scraps using compost heap and bokashi bins.

but most importantly:

Make the decision and commit to it.

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