Friday, May 04, 2007

Its a beautiful day to be alive

Life Is Much More
Life Is Much More

To help you on your journey to live your dream instead of dreaming your life I thought I would follow with letting you know the process of my journey that has taken place for the last 3 years. Its a work in progress but if you bear with me on this, you will see how it takes you down a path to a beautiful place, a place that only you know, the centre of your authentic self.

About 3 years ago, having had a little voice inside me that talked a lot about a creative, abundant and fulfilled life, and having constantly ignored the little voice day, my body crashed and I ended up in bed. It felt like something inside me was about to expire and I realised that it was my dream....

In my life's chain of events nothing was accidental. Everything happened according to an inner need.
Hannah Senesh

At that moment, while I was lying down breathing I started to be grateful. Grateful for what I could do whilst at the same time, grieving for the things and actions I could no longer do. For the biggest part of 6 months, I looked out of a window, at a garden where leaves started to fall, where rain made a trickling sound , where raindrops made patterns on the glass, where the moon shone at night and moved around the sky, where stars shone and made beautiful patterns, where birds flew.......and I cried a lot.

I cried because I saw them as I had seen them when I was a child, full of hope. I cried because I had forgotten....simply forgotten how on a simple day, it is a beautiful thing to be alive, to simply be alive and to breathe.

What are your grateful for today? In all the things that may not go right for you, in this day, I want you to write down a few things you are grateful for. Here are mine for today :

  • I am grateful for the clear blue sky, the fantastic colours and blossoms in and around me that remind me how much I love nature and how much joy it gives me.
  • I am grateful for the return of Sooty, our cat, who was lost for 2 days and who has returned safely and is catching up on sleep on my bed.
  • I am grateful for time, time to reflect, time to practice my daily routine and time to spend with those who matter most to me.
  • I am grateful for 3 hours physical energy that I can use as I wish in a paced way today.
  • I am grateful for inner peace and the ability to listen to music which soothes my soul.
  • I am grateful for the laughter and joy of my family around me.

Every night, I close my eyes, in the knowledge that I am grateful for the opportunities life has afforded me that day, for the time to enjoy its beauty. I wish you the same.

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