Saturday, May 05, 2007

necessary or not

Some of the things we would like to let go of but are still addicted to :
  • Sattellite TV
  • Internet
  • Chocolate and coffee
  • Books
  • Gismos and gadgets
  • Using the car
  • Travel
  • Oils, Fuel etc

Some of the things we value in our life ;
  • Time
  • Education
  • Time to build relationships
  • Reading, talking and sitting together for meals
  • Produce from the garden
  • The beauty of nature
  • Healthy living and healthy eating
  • Walking in the countryside
  • Fresh eggs from the chickens
  • A sense of community with our family,neighbours and local food producers

Some of our aspirations for the future:
  • No rubbish collections required
  • Self Sufficient in vegetables and fruit
  • More water collection and grey water saving
  • learn how to make a variety of breads
  • Living, working and playing locally
  • Balance and wellbeing

In the end analysis I realise that to be happy and feel well, I need very little on a daily basis. I am content.

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