Friday, May 04, 2007

Instant vegetable gardens

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Au Potager D'Emile

here is a Uk company with a few new ideas to share. Rocketgardens offers to grow your vegetable plants and send them to you if you have difficulties with bringing seeds into seedlings and offers instant vegetable gardens and patio gardens to choose from. As a flavour.....

the instant patio garden pack contains the following
Instant Patio Container Garden

This garden is ideal if you want to grow your own in containers or grow bags. Many of the plants will also grow well in window boxes or in the garden or borders.

Contains the following established plants:

Tomatoes x 5
Courgettes x 2
Yellow courgettes x 2
French Green Beans x 10
Runner Beans x 5
Mixed Lettuce x 40
Mizuna x 20
Rainbow Chard x 5
Rocket x 20
Garden peas x 12
Strawberries x 6
Our Price: £36.99

If you are new to gardening and want to have a go I reckon this is a cost effective way to start. Otherwise you would be buying pots, growing compost and seed packets with a limited guarantee of success.

They also have a campaign that offers free vegetable gardens to schools who set up an organic garden in the school grounds. I believe this shows some forward thinking and a real interest in getting children to grow what they eat. Brilliant idea.....

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Becca said...

Wow. Their prices seem really reasonable. Sounds like a neat company. I found your blog from Simple Katie's blog roll.