Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Gentle rain

Clear blue skies have given way to gentle rain, cool breezes and a wind which is blowing from the south. The breeze carries lots of blossoms with it that fall like petals into each room , as a white and pink confetti layer on the carpets. The white lilac is in full bloom and I have resisted cutting some branches and bringing them inside so their perfume can linger in the livng room.
While the plants have been begging for water over the last few weeks, so too have little slugs hiding from the heat of the day. With gentle rain, their pathways are free to go and roam for seedlings in the newly planted beds.

I always keep a few seedlings over in the polytunnel to fill any gaps that may present themselves. The chickens did do a good job clearing out some grubs over winter and the damage caused is not so apparent. Not yet of course...famous last words.

Rhubarb is still plenty and although my boys are not that keen on it, the combination of rhubarb ( mixed with a few strawberries or orange juice) brings out laughter and the association to rhubarb and custard sweets.
They cannot sense any resemblance to the taste of either but there you go, I am giving them the healthy alternative.

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