Sunday, March 25, 2007

Worms and podcasts

I am a great fan of podcasts, actually I love technology but the fact that they are free to listen to, do not use paper all add to the enjoyment. ( Yes they do require electricity or battery power to listen to them).

Here is my selection of podcasts which you might enjoy :

Wiggly Wigglers : A weekly podcast hosted on the wiggly sofa by Heather, Farmer Phil, Richards and guests discussing anything from cats ( don’t go there),wildlife, farming, recycling, bokashi....the list is endless. Some novel concepts and always with a sense of humour....... Monty provides interesting factual information about worms too. : Matthew and AJ’s move from the UK to Nova Scotia. They have been in Nova Scotia for 11 months now and are currently looking forward to spring.

Talking of worms....and waste....

The food waste management system we have in place works quite well and despite our best efforts we still have a variety of waste clutter to deal with. So here are some pointers of how we deal with waste so far :

  • Stop buying
  • Create menus and target shopping lists
  • Look at the packaging on items you buy and try and find alternatives
  • Find the right portions for your family....reduce waste
  • Compost, recycle paper, cans, glass and reduce plastic
  • Feed some leftovers to chickens ( no meats though).

The one I am stuck on is the waste of prepared foods. One of the options is to feed the dog but then she is not really in need of extra food ( labradors eat anything standing anyhow). Heather’s site wigglywigglers has a bokashi alternative that I am keen to explore. It sounds good but is a bit pricey for me at the moment. I can see it would solve the problem of meat and fish waste which for the moment is going in my bin, but the dog still sounds cheaper at the moment. Its on my wishlist. I need to explore bokashi a little further before committing myself here.
Podchef talks about making bokashi here


Podchef said...

Thanks for linking to my Video! I also talk about Bokashi here. And I am sure I will be speaking of it again on an upcoming Gastrocast.

turnip said...

i think if more people gardened they would have a greater appreciation for where there food come froms and be less wasteful. Unfortunatley I am a PITIFUL gardener but am still trying...