Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dig, dig......

Yesterday we tried making chocolate eclairs......the reason being that I had inadvertently bought a huge quantity of organic double cream. I have made Ice Cream which is yummy so wondered what else I could make that would not completely set us on the road to a heart attack. This one is left.....lonely but we all have had our fill of them.
This morning with sunny weather on the horizon, and having indulged yesterday there was only one thing to do.....exercise, wellies on and prepare the bed for the onions. Potatoes were planted out ( King Edward variety - I save some for planting in September in the polytunnel), and DH is still clearing the paths out there ( now why would that be, did he indulge more than me?). Bad bad for you these delicious thingies. Did I want to eat them or be size 12. ( Both but I did want to eat one after all that effort)

The beauty of downshifting is that we have a sense of humour and although we take life seriously, we probably don't in other ways.

Chocolate eclairs used to be a 'luxury' item we bought from time to time, but apart from hard graft of making the choux pastry, they can be made at home. Its very time consuming but then after that, you need an excuse to indulge in all that cream and chocolate.

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