Wednesday, March 07, 2007


How do you turn frozen tomatoes into the contents of a tin of tomatoes?

Last year we had a bumper crop of tomatoes and a friend told me that if I did not have time to process them I could just pop them in the freezer in 1 lb bags. The price of a tin of tomatoes is very small and so far I have hesitated to use my frozen toms, but as I am clearing the freezer.....
It seemed a lot of hard work, and to some degree I am conditioned to use a tin of tomatoes.
Take the tomatoes out, pour boiling water over them ( this pops the skins right off), and then simmer until soft. If you want to sieve the end result and boil it down to a thicker consistency then you can. It worked great and had that home grown tomatoe flavour in my pasta sauce.
I am not short of tomatoes ( another 15 lbs await to be used up before the next harvest takes place but that is in July I guess).

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