Thursday, March 01, 2007

Garden update

The only way to spend some time in the garden is by being in the polytunnel. Apart from a slightly cold temperature this morning, wrapped up I can see there is some progress with my seedlings.
To the left are the lettuce seedlings, middle is onion seed where nothing seems to be happening fast and then last one is the onion bulbs.
I also am waiting with anticipation for the potatoes to push through and the broad beans are about to flower.
The reason I plant seeds in guttering is that the black plastic warms up and acts as a sort of mini heater underneath. When I am ready to transplant, I can slide the plantlets out and they end up being neatly in a row ( with some help from my DH).
I am waiting to get my seed order for tomatoe plants and this year will be growing alicante and sungold only. I have not been successful with the large beefsteak tomatoes. To be fair I also still have about 15 packs of frozen tomatoes in the freezer and need to get on with making sauce when my recipes call for a tin of tomatoes.

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Rebecca said...

I can't wait for our polytunnel to get up and running, at the moment the hoops are up but not the plastic ... tantalising!

The guttering is a great idea.