Saturday, March 10, 2007

The debate about ' saucisse!'

( its not rude!)
Dick's Sausage by Moore
Dick's Sausage

So why are we doing this in a big way lately.
I am a facilitator in many ways, and although farmers may be good at farming, they have got it wrong with regards to supermarkets. Our weekly food bill used to be ruled over what was available in the supermarket, and if they did not have it, then the argument would be that the consumer does not want it. What is more likely is the supermarket’s attitude, to coin a phrase

Do I look bothered?
As a consumer, I am making full use of my freedom of choice.

Today, was a landmark. We spent less in the supermarket than buying locally, which tips the balance in the right direction. I do not want potatoes from Egypt when they are available from Cornwall, I do not want carrots from Kenya and beans from South Africa, if I can wait and eat in season locally.( or the ones I froze from our garden).

The choice at the moment may appear limited, but I am learning every day step by step.
We had a sausage contest today. ( what, really I hear you say). I dare you to take the challenge and test your tastebuds. 6 sausages came on a plastic tray clingfilmed, the others were bunched together in a plastic bag with label saying, sausages, weight and dates.

The results were interesting :

I cooked 2 sorts of sausages together and asked the children to taste and give them a score out of 10. Here are the remarks :

No Mum, I can manage only 1 today, not 2.
They taste firmer and meatier.
They have taste
They are big.
No fat on my plate.

Supermarket saucisse ‘ 3 points’, local saucisse.......8 points.

So why only 8, well there is room for improvement. They are apparently too big for my consuming buds.

I have 4 sausages left over from usual quantities. ( those have to be the supermarket ones!)
The pan I grilled them in, had no sign of fat oozing out ( is it fat at all, I don’t know..please do not answer that I would rather not know now).
They were horrendously expensive compared with the supermarket’s sausages but if I say that I will only need half the quantity at double the price then we can call it quits I think. ( It all depends on your point of view).

I suppose what I am asking you is to make use of your intelligence and not to feel brainwashed by the slogans about ‘ its not just food.... etc’ it travels miles across the world to line their profit plates and not your tastebuds.
My local cheese producer also supplies the supermarket, it has a picture of him on the front, and when I saw that I wondered why I was not buying it direct. Australian Cheddar, zillion miles, local cheddar.....4 miles. Now which one would you go for?

To come back to farmers, if you are one, do tell us, do not get bullied or depressed by not being able to make a sustainable living, do not be dissuaded from sticking your head up and be proud of what you do, we are.
Local saucisse is on the menu again!, but less of it.

Another less is more success.

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