Friday, March 02, 2007

peace- deep peace

Peace - Unknown

Butterfly Bush by Casey

I am off for a residential weekend with my course which will be centring on the transpersonal and spiritual aspects of our lives. For many people this will be a personal relationship with their spiritual leader in one form or another, a relationship with their beloved.
In today’s society where speed and technology reign, it can be difficult to find a moment of quiet in which we can access that ‘ peace that passes understanding’. I have made full use of knitting as a pain relief method and I do believe that when I knit, all my senses are engaged and my thinking process is disengaged and can have a peaceful moment. I can get quiet in my mind, I can drift off with lovely soft yarn in my hands, following a rhythmic noise of clicking needles or the whirring of the spinning wheel. It could be on a similar par with meditation and mantras.

I do believe that the resurgence of knitting and the addiction to yarn and making our own clothing stems from a desire deep within to access that connection to our creativity, to earth and to that spiritual part of us that no mobile phone has access to.
Breathe deeply, relax and cast on.

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littlejennywren said...

In the 1980s a social worker who I worked with said that women use knitting to tangle up their feelings rather than speaking out. I was deeply offended by what she said because I was addicted to the soothing rhythm of knitting and have been all my life. It has always given me great joy. I much prefer your idea of it being a connection to our creativity, earth and our spiritual selves.Thanks. Enjoy your weekend.