Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fishy Business

Stand Out
Stand Out

A few posts ago you may remember my neighbour T and I getting together to put in an order to wholefood net. It was a success although DH was expecting a wheelbarrow full of stuff to come back. When T phoned him to say it had arrived and he replied ‘ Oh yes, I’ll come with the wheelbarrow’ ( as I was away that weekend) he was rather stumped when she replied that she would be putting it all in the pushchair and wheel it around. To my defence, it is a double pushchair. Yes, the complete order was there, yes it fitted in the pushchair and was filed neatly away.
When I got back and phoned her to thank her, she apologised for having dubbed me in it with my DH. She had told him the price of the order and was sorry if he was expecting a wheelbarrow load and got a pushchair full.
She is forgiven and Dh knows that the stuff I bought is pricey anyhow if you buy it by the case, but cheaper in the long run.

To my surprise, T phoned today to see if I wanted to tag along on her fish order.
My reply:
Sounds lovely but would be fishy.....( joke) if DH found out you need the pushchair to make a fishy delivery ( will we live that one down!).
Joking apart its a lovely idea...let me know when you order something, might do a sample, I do fish but the others are not too keen. I blame the mother who made them fishsticks when they were younger and now has to pay the price of boys and men that do not like anything resembling natural consistency, heaven forbid if it actually has bones!

I feel very blessed by having good relationships both in the home and with my neighbours and......some people who share my sense of humour ( even if it is warped at times!)

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