Saturday, October 06, 2007

Wardrobe changes

This week has offered days of sunshine and mellow warmth as well as signposting cold and misty days.

Having changed my winter wardrobe in Spring this year, I rediscovered a whole lot of clothes today and introduced some different colours back into the working wardrobe. Simply having stored them away for 2 seasons and looking at them with fresh eyes, I immediately noticed the items I no longer needed or cared for and these have been discarded.

In the summer wardrobe I ruthlessly looked at what I had not worn over the last seasons, did no longer like or need and did the same. The result is a dress to be sold on eBay and a variety of clothes that will be recycled at the local charity shop.

My wardrobe needs this winter are very simple: I need nothing new to add to it and that statement is a first. I am able for the first time to say....I have enough clothes thank you. Last year would have seen me holding out 18 pairs of black trousers and there are a fair few left of those.
I might like some new shoes, but I have perfectly nice boots in the cupboard and they are OK, and I have a really nice pair for going out in power dress ,which happens rarely these days.

Having a workable capsule wardrobe enables me now to go out to the charity shop for a spending spree on frivolous extras and accessories to jazz up my winter wardrobe. Wow, that is splashing out.

Having put away the summer wardrobe I noticed that there too is very little that needs adding to it.

Guess I have become less fashion conscious, have found a style that suits and is comfortable and more importantly have enough.
I am staggered at that situation and the fact that it has happened naturally.

I have not quite got the courage up to sell my wedding dress that has been stored in the cupboard for 16 years.......I am working on that one. Not much call for wedding dresses I think and my using it as a ballgown for social events has also subsided. I cannot even fit in it any more. The next rainy day activity......

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Mimi said...

I really enjoy your blog. It has given me many things to ponder and I'm hoping to be able to simplify my life in the coming months/years to come. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!