Saturday, October 20, 2007

Apple day

Apples have a real significance in my family, you see the photo above shows my great grandmother on the left who was known as ' BonneMaman Popomme' because she lived in a lovely rambling house in the countryside with many apple trees and willows. I did not have an awful long time there by my mother remembers it with great fondness, not only the person but also the place. I know that when my mother visits here she feels a kinship with the landscape and it comforts her in some way.

One of the crops we grow really well locally are apples. Somerset is well known as ' zider country' and in reality there are a lot of orchards ( long gone) but gardens usually boast a tree or two of familiar varieties.

Yesterday, my neighbour, who knows that I have a penchant for apples and great produce, brought me ' la belle de boscoop' apple. Little did she know what memories this would bring back. I have no doubt it never made it on the supermarket shelves as it is one giant apple, next to the Cox and Egremont Russet in the picture above. I love the names of apple varieties.

On 21st October 2007, it will be apple day and many events will take place all over the country where you can go and explore varieties to tame and tickle your tastebuds, as well as find local producers who grow these in magnificent orchards. Many orchards are disappearing and to help you find a local one in your area you can use this locator map with news of what is 'appling' in your area. A great resource for local food including local recipes.This is my version of a simple victoria sponge traybake with diced apples on the top. Bake as usual but dust in caster sugar. Can be eaten hot with cream, custard, ice cream, yoghurt or the next day as a cake, if it lasts.....

Our village celebrates a wassail in January and through the website I discovered a community orchard I will go and visit with the children.

To keep the cider farms going, find one near you, buy some and raise a glass to the sweet taste of apples.

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”
Martin Luther

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