Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Autumn glory

Its been a glorious day today, kids went off to the woods with school to learn how to measure the height of a tree with a meterstick ( not yardstick) and a thumb. Apparently the talk about the trees was a bit too long ( well a tree is a tree when you are 8), and DH enjoyed himself too in the woods, picnic under the oak tree.

I love days when friends come to play after a day out in the wild, there is a freshness about them that I wish I could bottle; rosy cheeks, blustered hair with the odd twig in it. On days like that I conjure up domestic bliss of a warming dish of macaroni cheese, salad and brownies with ice cream after which they jolt out of the door for a last minute cricket game.

It all appeals to the fairy godmother in me; I even conjured up a gift or two for a visiting birthday girl and an impromptu birthday cake from 3 brownies and a candle. Her face when she saw the mayonaise jar the boys had chosen as the perfect gift. ( This girl has mayo with everything).

Ah the bliss of being a domestic goddess! Little would you guess how I enjoy these moments.Far away are the days of dashing around the country in company cars. After a day homemaking, gardening, teadrinking and watching the nest grow fuller and livelier, time to retire on the sofa with a book, quilt on lap and some knitting by the side.

Autumn heralds hibernation and I am ready.....

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