Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Energy Saving Week

This week is energy saving week. The energy savings website is full of ideas on how to make savings and commit to a 20% energy reduction.

Its going to be an annual event; Energy Saving Week (Monday 22nd to Sunday 28th October 2007) and the aim is for all of us to commit to a saving of 20%.

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10 ways to save energy:

  1. Turn your heating thermostat down by 1 degree C and wear a jumper.
  2. Turn your water heater down to 6 degree and wash clothes at lower temperatures with a full load.
  3. Keep the heat in through insulation and by closing the curtains at dusk.
  4. Turn off lights when you leave the room and keep asking others to do the same. Change your lightbulbs to energy efficient ones.
  5. Don’t leave appliances on standby and remember to switch off chargers when you’re not using them. A useful appliance to turn off is the microwave: we may use it for 3 mins per day but it could be on for 24 hours?
  6. Fill the washing machine or dishwasher before switching on (or at the very least use the half-load setting). Wear clothes a little bit longer : do you really need a change of clothes every day?
  7. Only boil as much water as you need for your tea or coffee. An eco-kettle makes this easy.
  8. Shower instead of having a bath.
  9. Shop locally, eat fresh produce instead of frozen products.
  10. Don’t use the car for short journeys. Walk or cycle instead. Plan car journeys and share transport with others.
The video from green Tv shows energy wastage of buildings :

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