Friday, June 01, 2007

wet and wetter.....

Rain Makes Me Wet
Rain Makes Me Wet

With the rain almost pouring every day, the weeds are germinating and the garden looks lusciously green.
The weather is concerning me. Last year was difficult and warm and this year, we had a lot of rain in March,none in April with very warm days up to 27 degrees. We are now in May, lots of rain and a general temperature of 17 degrees each day. Its confusing me, my wardrobe needs and causing outright confusion to plants out there and in the polytunnel.
The lettuces are bolting in the polytunnel and halted growth outside. Slugs are coming out in their millions it seems and I am out there on weeding duty in between showers.
Its fun though.........its fun when I see the snowpeas growing daily and look forward to another stir fry this evening, as a celebration of all things green.
We may even put the woodburner on tonight. Unheard of but it really feels like hot cocoa weather.Wet wellies are drying near the Aga more reminiscing of autumn days.

We are very near the coastline and one of my favourite walks takes you through fields to a rugged coast line. Metal steps go down on a hidden beach where, when the tide is out, great rocks beckon the children to step from one to the other. The sea yesterday was akin to stormy waves bashing against the rocks. So why not get really wet? Why not, with wellies, go out there and stand at the edge of the sea in a group and stretch our arms out and get thoroughly bashed by the magic of the waves. A lot of laughter, a lot of silly boys and a dog that did not know where to be. I can picture the scene in my minds eye but had no camera on me as I had not expected this sort of scene in May. Jeans stood thick with salty water, boys made squelching sounds with their wellies and walking back to the car I saw a row of wellies near the boot. Inside, boys had stripped to their underwear and sat huddled on the back seat, covered in a blanket. Peals of laughter sounded through the air and screams for an ice cream to finish the day.

I remember days like this, days where you can get wet, where you huddle under a blanket, days when storms rage outside and together we can capture a warmth in our hearts. Days when with wet clothes, wet boots and happy hearts, home beckons with a woodburner, cookies and milk and a good ghost story.

Is it a dream? Have a guess!

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