Saturday, June 02, 2007

Birthdays the frugal way...yet generous

Birthday Collage
Birthday Collage

It was definitely different yesterday. Instead of 4 cards, there were 2 immediate family ones, one handmade and the other funny from the boys. Others came in the post which were lovely. What made the day extra special is that DH’s sister travelled love miles to come and visit ( happens about every 4 years).
The presents were lucky man got:
  • 1 toblerone bar
  • 1 drinks bottle
  • 1 bottle of lovely red wine ( luxury!)
  • 2 shirts
  • packet of Dad’s rocks sweeties
  • nice large cup of coffee
  • smiling kids and wife
all presents arrived in one large paper bag ( which has now been stored away again)
The presents got delivered by a small boy giving his Dad a big hug.

No birthday cake, no birthday candles.....just being together, getting phonecalls and laughing our heads off when DS 2 asked whether Dad remembered the dinosaurs?

Some ways to celebrate birthdays the frugal way:

  • make a special breakfast and treat the person as the most important person in your home.
  • run a lovely bath, put lots of bubbles in it.
  • Light one candle and each say why you appreciate that person in your life
  • Distribute chores between the other family members
  • Cook a special meal from scratch
  • Celebrate achievements

In the end birthdays are about how you make the person feel, not about what stuff you give, not about what you do , but simply how you make them feel appreciated, how important they are in your life and in that of your family. Give them a heartfelt birthday to remember.

So if someone is having a birthday soon.....make it special...instead of sending a card, go visit them, call and talk to them.Show them how important they are to you.

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