Thursday, June 07, 2007

Garden update

The tomatoes are finally growing higher. The bed space is taken up with 3 tomatoe plants, some lettuces and some leftover onion seedlings. I am uncertain about the onion seedlings but I guess they could be used as salad onions . The lettuces may not last when the weather hots up, they may bolt, but they add greenery to the chicken food.
Waiting in pots are cucumbers and butternut squash. The potatoes need to be lifted and then these will find their place in the cleared bed.
Its been too hot in the polytunnel and the last of the first batch of lettuces has bolted.....I have been picking leaf by leaf but today, its chicken food.
Snowpeas galore. As you can see a small bed can yield quite a harvest. I used a small frame covered with chickenwire to encourage it to graft on, which it has done to some extent. The weight of the pods does however pull some of them down.

In smaller pots are 20 savoy cabbage seedlings, 20 red cabbage seedlings, some sunflower tithonia. To be planted for the flower garden: wallflowers, lupins and iceland poppies.
And not to forget....hoe, hoe hoe and deal with weeds.

The overall plan for the garden this year was to provide 1 green vegetable per day and a lettuce per day. So far it is working out quite well. Green beans, runner beans and borlotti beans I grow in larger quantities because they can be frozen and tomatoes because I am partial to tomatoe chutney, sauces, salsa and soups which will be canned later in the year.

The peppers did not do well, I only have a small sad plantlet of those but will persevere.

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