Thursday, June 21, 2007

10 ways to holiday flight free

Family Camping by Ocean, Have a Great Vacation
Family Camping by Ocean, Have a Great Vacation

1. Stay at home. Visit your local attractions and view your home as a holiday cottage.
2. Stay in the Uk. It boasts many miles of coastline and fantastic countryside.
3. Support local businesses. Stay in local hotels,visit local producers and places to eat out, farmers markets etc. Find out about local recipes and ingredients. Use the internet to do some local research before you go. The reasons for supporting local businesses is that many in the UK countryside depend on your tourism custom to do what they do best. Choose local instead of the usual chains you know of.
4. Travel to organic destinations. , find out more by visiting
5. Try out a working holiday in the countryside by volunteering on farms. This could be an excellent introduction to learning skills for downshifting, gardening and small farming.
6. Use to find alternative ways of travelling in the UK and Europe.
7. Package holidays are giving profits to large companies....very little goes to the local people - search for other ways to have a holiday.
8. Whilst on holiday, save water when you can. Opt not to have your towels changed daily.The average tourist uses 10 times as much water as the locals when on holiday.
9. Try to find out which world airlines, hotels and travel agents meet environmental standards set by the World Travel and Tourism Council.
10. Get hold of a copy of Tourism Concern’s Ethical Travel Guide.

Further useful resources to check out : - a forum for green travellers to discuss current issues and swap information. - Irish eco destination A guide to rail travel in the UK. All timetables are listed. - Download a guide to public bus and train services in the UK. - offers car free guides to national parks and other countryside areas in the UK. - low cost inter city coach travel. - provides infor on regional public transport and allows you to plan journey and compare ways of getting there with approximate timings. - train timetables and ticket ordering for all UK rail services - low cost inter city coach travel.

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