Sunday, June 03, 2007

virtual downshifting book club

What is it?

A monthly book suggestion you can read, no obligation. The aim is to encourage your views on downshifting and to share your reviews.

How do I participate?

Each month, I will make a book suggestion and ask people to write a review on their blog. Send me a link to the post at the end of the month and when I announce the next book, I will post the links to your blogs or websites.

What do I write in my review?

some examples“
Did you enjoy reading this book?
In what way was it useful, give 3 examples of lifestyle changes that you took away from this book?
Would you recommend it to other people wanting to downshift?
reviews can be sent to journey dot bc at mac dot com

Book suggestions

If you have discovered a fabulous book on downshifting and you want to have it included in the book club for review, send me the title please. We are all in this together. Each month I will pick a person who has suggested a book and offer them the next month’s book choice as a gift ( subject to them writing a review ofcourse).

How to simply get the book ?

Start with the library
Check your friends’ bookshelves
Check out Amazon and buy secondhand ( you an relist it afterwards)

June’s downshifting book choice

This month’s book choice is a classic
Voluntary simplicity by Duane Elgin

available via the bookstore

Enjoy and see you at the end of the month with your views.

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