Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bokashi trial - month 1

Its been a month since buying my bokashi bin from Wiggly Wigglers. If you are visiting following the link on their website, welcome, look around, say hello and leave a comment, join in. I have added a directory of the labels I use on the left of the blog to help you look at bokashi posts if that is what you are interested in only.

Above is a picture of the bokashi juice collected in the little beaker. I had honestly thought it would produce more to collect. I have been draining it every week. The liquid is not foul smelling but smells like pickle which is probably exactly as it should be. I have been adding it to a large watering can and watering the tomatoe plants with it. It will act as a feed to them.

Bin number 2 is now as full as it is going to be. I use the bins in rotation. Bin 1 collects waste from 1 to 15th of the month. Bin 2 starts same process at 15th to last day of the month. Bokashi collection and rotation days are on the calendar.
Bin 1, has reduced its contents by 50% over the rest period of 15 days since 15th may 2007. the smell is the same, pickle. I was honestly expecting a nasty smell but....nothing like that, its pleasing if you like pickles and chutney.
I have chosen to add the bokashi bin contents to the compost heap which hopefully will continue the process. I will only be adding it to one of my compost bins, the other 2 will be using just what is available and to one I will soon be adding a new batch of worms to see if is works faster the more worms you have.

Why would I want to air my rubbish on the net? If I can manage to deal with waste at home, recycle it in a non offensive way, then anyone can do it. Since composting I have reduced my purchase of compost and potting compost at the garden centre which in turn has reduced the plastic used to wrap it, the petrol to get it and the muscle power used to carry the bags. ( My DH is very happy about that).

I will at the moment not use the bokashi straight in the ground. Not that it is not a good way, but it is not a good way for our family. I have a dog with nasty habits, prone to eating either what is in the bin, what chickens leave lying about and if I dig this in the ground I have visions of bokashi waste all over my garden. I know, wish I could control the lovely lab...... She would eat anything standing up.

I hesitated initially about the cost of the bins, but then does anyone happily spend money on waste collection? I am glad to have taken the plunge, put my money down. In a way it is strangely rewarding to find a use for the waste and to keep the resources on our land even if the dog loves foraging.

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