Sunday, April 01, 2007

Palm Sunday

Not a palm in site in our climate but a chance to reflect a little while walking in the garden. This is meant to be a rest day and yet with a family there is very little time to rest. Walking in the garden, I was met by a blackbird who was trying to find some worms at the top of the surface. I did tell him that I would like him to leave some as they are good for the soil, but apart from hopping around, he took very little notice of me.
In the front garden, the tulips give a lovely show of red. I planted them amongs the wallflowers that are not quite out at the moment.

It has bene a reflective day today. I would like to think that spring is definitely here being the beginning of April, but then....I cannot be certain of any weather anymore. All I can do is watch what is happening around me and hope that the signs around me are correct...days should be getting warmer.

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