Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Glorious salad days

Despite colder evenings and mornings, nature seems to be wanting to move forward to Spring weather. I would like to plant the above salad seedlings into the polytunnel but have to wait until after the next weekend when we will move the chicken tractor back in operation. For the moment anything that is vaguely green and edible has been devoured by the chickens roaming the garden so small lettuce seedlings, carefully nurtured are not going to be chicken food. ( A lot of fowl language has happened around the chickens ( pun intended !).
My DS 2 managed to do a bit of digging this afternoon on the clay bed which when the chickens have moved will get a lot of compost dumped on the area to make it easier to work with. So a lot of earthmoving is planned to prepare for the new season. It is simply too gorgeous out there today to be here so...I am off to the garden.

I am about to order my bokashi set from wigglywigglers and cannot wait to se what a difference that is going to make to our composting efforts. I am still aiming at not having the dustman call. ( No its not a dream, it should be possible to recycle, reduce and reuse or compost most of what comes in).


Moonwaves said...

I'll be very interested to hear what your bokashi experiences are like. At the moment I'm saving for a wormery (something like a can-o-worms) by means of buying a voucher from the shop every month. Don't have much money to spare but at least this way I'll get there eventually (different from saving the cash as I won't be tempted to spend it on something else first!). I'm hoping that'll be enough to compost most of my food waste as I don't use much meat and rarely have any left to be thrown away. But bokashi is something else to keep in mind when trying to convince friends to start being greener so it'll be great to hear how it goes for you.

Rebecca (sustainable living in rural Ireland) said...

Whats bokashi?

Salad looks delicious, I can't wait for ours to grow.