Saturday, April 14, 2007

Photo walk the garden

Lazy days of summer approach as far as the cat is concerned.
Geranium, lobelia and petunias wait warmer days to be planted and sold to neighbours.
Wild and cultivated wallflowers. I love the colours of warmth they promise. Summer....a taste of it...never forgotten.
As a fan of Jane Austen, our front porch typifies an english country cottage. Clematis on one side, roses on the other, rosemary and camelia hide in the background.
Cerinthe major adorns the front flower garden. Apart from being purple its shape is a lovely addition to a posy arrangement of primroses and tulips. I used to buy flowers often but am quite happy to cultivate annual flowers in the garden and change the landscape a little. It provides not only me with smiles, but also passers by.

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