Sunday, April 29, 2007


Marigold Indian Prince and wallflowers - planted underneath the fruit trees to attract shortsighted bees.....
The lettuces are ready and as the weather is hotting up, many saladdays ahead. Wilbert the pot man is keeping the pheasants away. Looking south.
There has been a flurry of planting today, green beans, beetroot, cabbages in this bed outside, lets hope the snails and slugs do not come out to feast on them too soon. I sprinkled the crushed eggshells in the hope it will deter them.
The strawberry tub is showing promise.

Wherever you look the earth is parched. No rain for 4 weeks now apart from a good dose of dew in the mornings. The rain butts are empty and and evening routine starts to water the plants in the garden. I am trying to refrain from hosepipes this year, in the knowledge that carefully watering the plants when they need it is better than putting the water all around the garden.
Wow, haven't things grown in the week I have been away.

I also planted some kidney beans ( scarlet lady). Tomorrow, salad seedlings to transplant, sunflower tithonia, beetroot second sowing, french beans second sowing. On the bench the courgettes, butternut squash, cucumber and pumpkins are making an entrance and the tomatoe plants are going ahead full steam. They were a bit behind this year but are now catching up.

By the way, we have put the homestead up for sale. Why you ask, it seems ideal. It is and will be sold with a full gardens produce. I am not stopping at the moment until a buyer appears.
We have plans for something that will expand what we are doing at the moment. I am not sure that I like the limbo between having taken a decision and awaiting execution. If no buyer appears then we will stay where we are...we love it.....its just that an opportunity has arisen and it is tempting us. More of that when it happens.

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littlejennywren said...

We have had a long spring summer and autumn of very little rain. It is very discouraging to watch the garden struggle on.