Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More on awards

It must be something in the air...... but Heather from Wigglywigglers sent me an email to say that the wiggly podcast has been nominated for the Mouse and Trowell award which is simply fab. If you feel you want to go and have a look and vote for her you can do so here. Go on, she needs the vote and every vote counts......
There are some other blogs there that are great to look at too.

On the same day the awaited bokashi bins arrived and it looks good. My Dh did say ' what have you ordered now' as we have a no buy imbargo in place but I told him its an experiment which calmed him down a little.( he is used to my madness) A giant cardboard box with 2 plastic bins and entourage seemed an unlikely purchase.

Having my salad/ prawn wrap I sat and read the leaflet and it seems simple. I like the idea that the liquid that oozes out and needs collecting on a regular basis can be used as a feed for the plants ( watered down..) and I cannot wait to give it a go when I come back from my visit to Belgium. For the moment, the bins are stored in the kitchen.

I am going to be away for a week and if I can will look in from time to time. Not sure that I can post pictures but words might be good.

I am leaving the garden in the care of DH and small boys.....nothing can therefore go wrong. ( final last words)

The posy in the picture is a simple arrangement of primrose, wallflowers and cerinthe major.

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