Friday, April 13, 2007

April gardening

Vegetable Basket by Consuelo Gamboa
Vegetable Basket

Little extra in the food planning this month :

You could sow the following :
french beans
runner beans ( kidney beans)
maincrop potatoes
courgettes and squashes, cucumber
rocket and variety salads including spinach
spring onions

Tomato plants should be growing upwards, early potatoes in leaf under cover, onions looking strong, broad beans forming beans, strawberries showing flowers, lettuces hearting up...

Hows your garden?

What is in season in April in the UK?

asparagus broccoli
cabbages chives
radishes Jerusalem artichokes
mushrooms rocket
spring onions sorrel
wild garlic

And if you want wild food, consider nettle soup with the tops of the nettles.

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