Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A gardeners wish

Pair of English Riders
Pair of English Riders

Yesterday, the pub next door had a visit from a party on horseback. I am not sure how many horses and ponies I counted but everyone was having a great time drinking sherry and eating a buffet of goodies on horseback. The shop was very busy and everyone on foot seemed to want to stock up on biscuits, chocolate and drinks which was good for business.

When eventually the party left, clattering hooves down the hill, I went round to the garden, picked up my pink bucket and a shovel and......went out to pick up some horse muck. Coveted and generally hard to find if you are in a village or town situation. I have been known to ask for horse muck for the garden but had not got around to it lately.

Only a few days ago, I asked for some chicken manure ( as I no longer have chickens),as an activator for my bulging compost heap. That meant, walking around with the pink bucket, wellies on, nose peg in and helping myself to a small quantity of this potent stuff. ( Never put it direct on the garden as it burns everything until matured).

This week therefore has seen the addition of posh muck and local muck onto the heap in order to get it to warm up a bit.

The universe provides everything I need, even posh muck gets delivered free of charge at the front door.

A gardeners wish!

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