Friday, April 25, 2008


The snowpeas are finally showing through. I covered the seeds with holly leaves to stop any mice from eating the seeds and it also stopped cats walking on them. I am not sure how many snowpeas it will yield but the seeds were left over from last year. My vegetable production will be minimal this year as I am still doing the hard landscaping of the vegetable area. I do miss the polytunnel and the large scale growing of vegetables but the whole point of this experiment is to show you that it can be done with an average size garden.
The apple blossom is heavenly and I also wonder why there are not more weddings in apple orchards? The blossom will rain down like confetti in a few weeks but I find the colour stunning and full of promise. Sitting in the garden there is a buzz of insects as well as chirping from the birds, its quite a busy time for everyone. In the background, the church clock rings every hour. A nice place to sit still, be present and take in what is happening around us.

This is the view from our sitting room, above the garden there are many fields with rape seed. It gets full of pollen and a bit overpowering but at the same time, I am hopeful that insects will venture into the walled garden.

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