Thursday, April 10, 2008

de brill lawnmower - part 2

We read the instructions again and tried to figure out where the handles clicked in on the inside of the mower ( which is the only hard part of this). Try and try again until you succeed.

This took a little while so Ben asked me to hold onto the mower with handles while we looked up what part came next.

The handlebar slotted in really easily and without the use of any equipment other than brain and hands we went on to construct the masterpiece.

Fully assembled we put the height of the blades at its highest as the grass was quite long and ever keen to put the mower to the test Ben set off at great whirring speed.
Here is a summary of our comments :


Assembly - indeed childsplay when attempted by small boy whilst adult reads instructions.
Time - it took us a good 30 mins including teabreak to complete the tasks.
First cut - perfectly executed by the mower with minimum ease and lovely whirring sound.
Weight - extremely lightweight and easy to drive and park in small space.


The plastic orange covers are glued on and we needed to put some more glue on as they fell off whilst driving but eventually we found out that they clicked into place.
The collector box needs a little adjustment - it hangs on the mower by the strap and hook and if not carefully finetuned, falls off too easily.

Warning !
This mower may not appeal to grown men. It has no mechanical parts that need looking at, it needs very little preparation, no trips to the petrol station, no fumes, no vroom, vrrooooooom revving it up in the garden and therefore has the potential to provide nil points for operators who enjoy the task of going up and down at speed, pulling a starter motor.
It is however safe enough for others to push, no leads to fall over and makes a reassuring whirring purring sound that appeals to onlookers whilst watching operators push and mow. Perfect accompaniment to reading on the terrace, listening to bird song and raising a glass to life.

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