Wednesday, April 09, 2008

de brill lawnmower- part1

I have been waiting to let you know how we have got on with the lawnmower, bought via Wigglywigglers. I still have a large wish list to fulfill there but thought it best to get the useful thing I have had my eye on for some time. A lawnmower that uses people pushing power, no fuel other than that and that can manage a smallish lawn in a village garden.

The item was delivered at super speed and as it happened Ben had a day off school as there was no heating. This prompted us to go out and investigate whether in fact the putting together of the lawnmower was childsplay. Ben is fond of puzzles and has built a vast array of items with Lego, so we thought we might be able to manage while Dad was in the shop.Step 1 - what is in the box

One of our criteria for shopping ethically is whether or not the packaging can be recycled. The box was full of shredded paperwork ( well done there) which made a useful brown addition to the new compost heap). The cardboard box has been recycled via the usual route.

Step 2 - inspect the goodies and gasp!

At this stage I wondered whether we would manage but......all the parts were there and a useful instruction booklet with clear instruction in a variety of languages.

Step 3- the grass collecting box

In an effort to have a sense of achievement we started with this part. Well Ben did while I watched as he worked out which part went where. I continued to offer encouragement.
A lot of discussion on angles went on at this stage but the parts were light and easy to manage. The only difficult part was putting the thingy in that clips the box onto the mower so here is a clue should you wonder too.....

That completed the first part of the assignment. This was followed by a cup of tea like most workmen.....with a lot of looking at the finished object.

To be continued......

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