Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kindest haircut

Hairdo and Eyebrows
Hairdo and Eyebrows

What with having no time away from the business and home, the boys in the house started looking a little like neanderthal men, bushy hairdos and I was looking to go in a similar way. The actual organisation needed to get everyone a haircut in their usual way would have been as follows :

  • 2 car trips to the town at 15 miles each return with boys that do not want their hair cut
  • at least 3 hours for my hair to be done ( all part of the experience)
  • one teenager who wants a designer cut.

I must say that getting our hair done was beginning to be a matter of discussion. Either we would just have to grow it and be done with it, or to look a bit tidy look at a different solution.

And then, I discovered a Mum at school who told me; you must see Mrs Jones. Who is Mrs Jones and how did I get in touch with her?

Mrs Jones came to our house, managed 3 difficult boys with differing hairstyle requirements, put a large sheet of fabric on the floor, drank a couple of cups of tea, talked to us and got my men to look a bit more human. I had my hair cut and for the first time in married life my man noticed it had been done!( probably because it was done in front of his eyes, now that is a strange experience; you do not usually get comments from the mirror!)

At the end of the evening, she took the sheet of fabric and emptied the hairy contents into the compost bin.

I did miss the lovely salon experience but Mrs Jones has invited me to her home next time for a bit longer consultation where she assures me she can serve me a Latte and give me some magazines if that makes the transition smoother.

I do not want to put hairdressers out of business but I am pleased to say that it is possible to look OK with a local haircut which ended up being cheaper, local and a lot more environmentally friendly.

I can only say, go find a Mrs Jones in your locality...... unless you want the salon experience and all that goes with it as well as a silent mirror. Mrs Jones has promised me an Indian Head masage and I am sold. Her house is within walking distance even for me.

As with any hairdresser, an appointment has been set up for 6 weeks time. There will be no drama announcing the haircut, it will simply happen in our home. What a discovery and a relief.


Mark said...

Hi Anne,
Just thought you might like this, it's a group that has just formed fro the green space in front of my house. I will be putting up a post tomorrow about Ricardos visit.

Cheers Mark

New Leaf said...

A local hairdresser is just the thing!

I have a lady who comes to my house and does the deed. I try to gather a few heads together from the village to hair their hair cut too, to make the journey for our hairdresser worthwhile. She's very good value and I don't miss the salon experience at all.

Anonymous said...

Hello -
Hope you are well. Spring is here in Georgia - very beautiful with many kinds of trees, shrubs, and flowers blooming. Today is our first real day of heavy pollen - you could write your name in the pollen covering cars, decks, etc. We have been getting some rain - and could use it now to clear the air. Just no more heavy storms, please. Best to you, Barbara in Georgia, USA.