Thursday, March 13, 2008

Some welcome wiggly news....

What a fantastic moral boost after the budget post to receive the new Wiggly Wigglers catalogue today in the post entitled ' a fork full of country', the first social media catalogue of the century.

OK, hands up, I am talking about it not only because I love what Wiggly Wigglers stand for, the people behind it and the products it holds, and the authentic way they do business but because ( pss I am in it as a Wiggly Person'). I got soo excited when it came through the door , carried in by our local postman. I was busy delving into the stockroom but yelled. Roger came out to see what was the matter fearing I had fallen over ( that happens regularly when my brain has a funny moment), but no, he was not reassured seeing my smile, my genuine excitement at what was in the catalogue. ( I do not get excited about catalogues in the post on a regular basis but this one has been the longest time awaiting a historic event since I was pregnant and waiting for the delivery of a small bundle of joy.)

So, we opened it, I got a rush of the blushes and went suddenly shy. Roger read it and then could not stop telling people ' ask her about Wiggly Wigglers! with a smirk on his face! So now, there is a rush in the shop of people asking to see the catalogue, read it, and hopefully by word of mouth we will spread some good news, some news that will tickle the farmer in you and allow us to throw some wellies in celebration.

What could be so different about the catalogue :

The new mail order catalogue ' A forkful of country' due on doorsteps in March, was built with contributions from customers and friends around the world using social media. Building on their base of composting and wildlife gardening products, Heather Gorringe ( a Nuffield Scholar) and her team wanted to broaden their reach in terms of products and customers. Not content with traditional market research, Heather turned to Social Media to engage customers and others she met on her study and speaking tours around the world. Many of the ideas for new products and much of the content was built using a wiki ( i.e. server software used to freely create and edit web content using any web browser). Anyone with a password would have their say from Australia to the States to deepest South Wales. The resulting array of products includes everything from the traditional, sturdy garden spades, instant vegetable gardens, eco cleaning products, herb based lotions to chicken houses and peg bags. The new catalogue is presented in a scrap-book style, packed full of clippings, quotes, family snaps as well as the more traditional professional photography and product descriptions. You finish reading and you want a piece of this thing called Wiggly Wigglers. Businesses struggling with the concept of an authentic voice need to take a leaf out of this groundbreaking catalogue.

Here is the difficult bit though, I guess the server will be inundated with requests so if you cannot wiggle one online, you may have to give them a call by phoning 01981 500391. I promise you, you will not be disappointed. Its fully recyclable when you have read it, but I would say, reuse it again and again, share it with others and keep it on the bookshelf. It will be a collectors item.

With a new spring in my step, a smile on my face and inspired by Wiggly Wigglers, I am putting the wellies on. I am off to the garden to make my dream become a reality. With a little help from my wiggly friends......Be inspired, be very inspired......

Oh and pass it on please......


Karen @ Wiggly Wigglers said...

Hi Anne,

Thanks for posting about the new catalogue. I hope that everyone loves the new catalogue as much as we do. Personally, I can't decide what to buy first (let's hope my husband doesn't see this comment).

ps We love your catalogue photo here in the Wiggly office.

Moonwaves said...

Hi there

You're the second person I've read today talking about it (very similar reaction too!). Sounds like it's good.

I also just heard about this new(?) magazine, - not sure if you're aware of it and also not sure if you sell magazines but it seemed like something you might like. I read about it on the River Cottage forums.

Mark said...

Hi Anne,
I got mine to, It is really good and like you have spent ages looking through it,luckily enough though I haven't have to go through pregnancy for my bundle of

Cheers Mark

Podchef said...

Just got my copy of the extravaganza! Hev had to send me a download of it--the paper copy hasn't racked up all the Catalogue Miles across the pond to my door yet. You're pages are great! Love the photo. I couldn't lay hands on one of me as a youngster, but Phil's now got his credits as having captured the Podchef in the wild. . .

All the best,


Anne said...

Hi Podchef,
Its great, isn't it? Love your picture too, well there is so much to love in this catalogue.