Sunday, March 02, 2008

Garden news 3

There seems little time to actually spend in the garden but as the daffodils are in bloom very early we need to get going with the structural work and the garden beds. The existing pergola has been cleared of ivy and the windows of the lean to are free of ivy too. On a sunny day the woodwork will be primed and then repainted to give it a fresh feel. The pergola will serve as support for climbing plants in pots at the base of the supports. There are roses and a grapevine that needs training.
In the bed at the right side of the garden, the gravel is being cleared and put in bags. It will be used later but we need to clear the ground to make way for the hard landscaping of the raised beds. Its going to be a tight schedule but we think we will manage to create the beds over the next few weeks so that we can get some planting in. We will be importing some compost, obtained from a LETs scheme member who is also helping me with some of the work in the garden.

The vision is to have a garden that will be pleasant to the eye but will provide us with as many edible plants you can cram in. There are plans for more water conservation, a greenhouse and a small pond for wildlife.

The business, house and garden are a large project to be tackled all at once but I love being in the garden and cannot wait to see whether the hidden strawberry plants take off.

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