Wednesday, July 04, 2007

This and that

One of the pleasures since downshifting has been to grow not only vegetables from seed for consumption, but also to revel in what flowerseedlings can turn into in the garden. Even when it rains, I can be seen out in the garden with my enamel coffeepot, a pair of scissors and looking around at all the beauty, I buzz from flower to flower, snipping some of the joy and beauty to take indoors.

The weather was particularly dark when I went out, windy with monsoon type rains and I just had to rescue the iceberg rose feeling it would be better in my coffeepot near the fireplace than out there being lashed by rain.

Currently we spend a lot of time looking out of the window, wellies at the ready, hats on.....rushing out there when the weather breaks to do a bit of weeding, cutting the grass or simply hunting for snails. Did anyone say it was summer?

Even in this attire, I feel rejuvenated by the rain. I ask myself why I find such pleasure in being in the rain, dripping wet, stomping about in my wellies......where I could have been sitting in an office in front of a VDU typing mindlessly away....thinking of a summer holidays near the beach.

Even on days when the weather disappoints, even when I am having my cup of tea, searching my conscience and getting a bit low in mood at the weather forecast and the cashflow forecast....I can honestly say.........its worth it! ( at this point, imagine a contrasting hair is not shiny through shampoos but I am sitting at the kitchen table, mug of hot cocoa in hand, and actually enjoying it!) No commuting ( well no further than 10 yards to the garden), no traffic jams ( the wheelbarrow is the only thing in the way on the gardenpath).

I am lucky......

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