Tuesday, July 03, 2007

garden update July

In between showers, I venture out there for about 15 mins at a time to check on possible signs of blight on the potatoes. Rain is very good for the apples as they are swelling visibly every day. When it rains at this level, there is a chance that mould and damp will appear on many plants and it is worth being vigilant. No blight here in any case, if you find that the stalks have gone soggy, cut them off and leave the potatoes in the soil. Check from time to time as blight creates a slimy mess of your harvest.

The polytunnel is the preferred destination for the moment. Courgettes are growing well, tomatoes are beginning to set but very slow as the light and temperature are low this year. The cucumbers have a few fruits on too and butternut squash is slow to get going.

The mangetout peas are coming to their end and the lettuces in that bed have also been devoured. I always grow too many lettuces but the chickens are happy to have it as an additional green thing every day. Green savoy cabbage and red cabbage are in pots awaiting to be planted where the potatoes are. Sprouting broccoli seedlings needs transplanting as well as some lupin seeds that I planted to give colour in a shady spot next year.

Outside, beetroot is ready for harvesting and french beans try to set. They need warmth so again are a little delayed. The borloti beans are climbing up but cold too and are not growing as lush as expected. Carrots are ready...1 row of them. Never been that good growing them and they take a lot of space for 1 meals worth but the flavour promises to be something else.

My garden plan of lettuce every day and 1 green vegetable seems to be paying off this year. Not that the boys like all the vegetables that appear on the the table especially beetroot and courgettes! I love courgettes, it is such a generous plant, beautiful flowers and you can cut them any size you want from baby vegetable for stir fries to marrows for...well whatever you do with marrows.

To plant this month:

2 x 10ft rows of french green beans
12 plants of raspberries for next year
ongoing lettuce - merveille des quatres saisons variety

To harvest this month :
french beans

To preserve this month:
strawberry jam
blackcurrant jam
raspberry jam
( am way late on this as picking fruit in the rain is not recommended)

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Sian said...

I love roast marrow popped in the same pan with a good leg of pork. Yum!