Friday, July 27, 2007

Life...for a limited period only


The importance of relationships with your neighbours and the community you live in is ever important when everything is going allright in your life, but when it is not, they can be a vital lifeline.
In my community people keep a distance generally, we say hello and we talk, but when an emergency happens within the community, some invisible task force unites and starts to work.Its something I admire in the British stiff upper lip society, in an emergency, they work very very hard to get every possible resource mobilised and do not generally give up easily.

My friend's partner was in a car accident, was given first aid by a kind lady in the community, then airlifted to hospital with major injuries. Support arrived very quickly at her side to accompany her on the long wait in the waiting room. At her home, plans were made for laundry to be taken care of, animals to be cared for so that she could concentrate on the priority at that moment, being with her partner and spending time together.
Life is precious and I ,like many others ,do not enjoy being reminded of it. In the midst of pain and tragedy, quietly in the background, unassumingly, the community help with small tasks to take on some of the seamingly trivial tasks to hand. Its worth investing in.

Life....for a limited period only.....engage while you can and engage with the community around you. If not now, for when the going gets tough. Sometimes it does not get tougher than this.

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