Friday, July 13, 2007

10 ways to pamper yourself

Woman Being Pampered at Spa by Dynamic Graphics
Woman Being Pampered at Spa

Frugal pampering, not just for women, we all deserve a bit of pampering from time to time.
Here are 10 ways on a budget to pamper yourself:

  1. Take lunch to the great outdoors and sit quietly watching the scenery unfold.
  2. Keep a basket with thank you notes and compliments about yourself and take them out when you need a self esteem booster. ( I had this at work when I was feeling jaded). This makes me feel wonderful from time to time.
  3. Go out just before sunset with a few glasses and a bottle of wine and watch the sunset followed by a bit of stargazing. ( Needs 2 to make it magical)
  4. On a rainy day, watch a film at home, with popcorn and drinks just like the cinema( just no advert breaks).
  5. Take a bath or shower before bedtime, snuggle into your favourite bathrobe, turn back the bedcovers, switch on your bedside light and give yourself 30 mins reading time. It’s a gift of peaceful alone time.
  6. Go pick fresh flowers from the garden and enjoy their scent and colour.
  7. Beauty night : a manicure, pedicure, hot oil hair treatment, foot massage…….whatever you need, book a night out with yourself in the home-spa.
  8. Go visit the library, browse and take in a cup of your favourite brew. They have all the latest magazines, papers to have a look at. No rushing.
  9. Visit an open garden near you and refresh your inspiration. Take a sketch pad and some watercolours, your camera, your notebook to put the colour to memory.
  10. Give yourself some dreamtime: create a space for yourself with a candle, soft music etc and create a list of all the things you need in your life to make you feel good or memories of good times : here are some pointers, Places. people, pets, animals, activities,peak experiences, spiritual figures, textures, scents, tastes and sounds. When you have your list you will have created an endless amount of possibilities to pamper yourself in the future.

I am off for some quiet reflection, candles on, music peacefully in the background as yet again……it is raining.

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